The Hood Shopping Network (THSN) is the newest, freshest online marketplace and merchant network that speaks directly to the urban community worldwide while building brands. THSN is a unique artist and industry supported online marketplace that gives each entrepreneur the power to sell and monitor products and services worldwide, reaching countless consumers directly with their company brand.


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Here is how your sponsorship support can be identified:

Prominent company logos and company signage placed on print and web media; cards, flyers, bloggers Company advertisement on website; Animated Flash Ads, banners, links, etc

Direct marketing for Brand or Product

Product distribution and promotion

Internet marketing and promotion benefits

Exposure to untapped markets

Emotional branding

Increase consumer traffic

Editorial & Print Media Opportunities

On Location Product Placement ; Product advertisements and sampling at events

Gift Bags of clients “schwag” promo product giveaways, literature, etc.

Digital Press Release & Alert Distribution (500,000 + addresses)

Video & Pics of event showing prominent brand placement , interaction with guests, and overall impressions ROI (Return On Investment

The goal

To build and establish brand awareness for the website on a guerilla grass roots level by creating emotional, experiential and direct “hand to hand” marketing opportunities within the urban community, while expanding visibility and exposure across all national target markets. We will produce, coordinate, and manage an effective branding campaign for HSN by speaking directly to the ever-evolving fast paced urban community.

As the digital age continues to take a stronghold on the music industry it has forced the record business to depart from what it once was. In-store sales have declined dramatically while brick & mortar shops have virtually disappeared—all creating an even wider gap between the artist and their profitability. At THSN we change all of that!

This new online destination, created specifically by and for entertainment & graphic artists introduces an innovative business model that allows you to monetize your product!

THSN is a changer because we create exclusive online merchandise ranging from apparel of all kinds ( from babies to adults) —to mobile device cases, laptop skins, pet clothing and more. A

We partner with our clients by sharing a percentage of any revenue generated from online sales. Our staff at THSN is platinum-rated, most of them having worked with major record labels such as Def Jam, Jive Records, J Records, Atlantic Records, G-UNIT and many more! Some of the THSN staff members have created exclusive designs and ‘sold out merch’ for the likes of Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent’s G-Unit Camp, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, UGK, and Chamillionaire just to name a few.