About Us


The Hood Shopping Network (THSN) is an urban brand focused on creating and distributing clothing from local artists in “hoods” everywhere. We provide local urban artists with an opportunity to share their artistry and creative talents on our online shopping network by curating cultural products that are iconic symbols of urban pride, community and culture. Our mission is to support local artists with a powerful platform, where they can showcase their products.

We create meaningful opportunities for local artists to thrive and share their artistry with the world. Art is a collective and expressive language that we can all experience and enjoy. It is a unifying force. The art created by our local artists is inspired and powerfully represents the culture and local communities of the artists that we serve and represent.

Working directly with our artists we create and design our one of a kind apparel that goes from us directly to you. The relationship between THSN and our artist is a special one. With each product we bring forth the beauty and richness of our hood to yours.

About the Founder

The Hood Shopping Network is the brainchild of Rafael Rodriguez. 


Rafael is an innovator and entrepreneur with 22 years of experience, a quintessential ideator. Passionate about supporting the health and wealth of urban communities and youth, Rafael is a proud Dominican who loves his hood of Washington Heights in NYC and has an unwavering commitment to continue to find ways to give back and support the community that has inspired him so much.