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Dominicans love to put their own spin on English words. This is one of those words. In the Dominican Republic, every Colmado (Corner store) has a (“Watchman / Security guard”) on deck ready to take action. They don’t call him Watchman or a Security guard, instead, it’s GUACHIMAN.

Hustlers Depot


Swagger, fly gear, jewelry, guns, bitches, hoes, stunts, players, prostitutes, gamblers, dealers, extortionists, criminals, and masterminds can all be found at unbelievable prices at the Hustler’s Depot.  Let ‘em know where you shop to get it in playboy!  Collectible tee available exclusively on THSN

Job you love


If all just learn to love the work we do and do the work we love, you will never work a day in your life.

Lickity split


Lickity Split – universal symbol for lick my clit…lickety split

Long tongue


Long Tongue- So is it as they say, the longer the better?

Love Life


With our spoken word collection we encourage you through the iconic Bob Marley to “Love the Life you Live, Live the Life You Love” it’s the only way…



Mangú – is a Dominican traditional dish served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mangú is made up of boiled (either ripe or green) plantains. The plantains are then mashed with butter, margarine or oil in the water in which they were boiled. The dish is topped with sautéed red onions that have been cooked with vinegar.


When served with Queso Frito ( Fried Cheese), fried Salchichon (Fried Dominican Salami) and Fried eggs. The dish is called “Los Tres Golpes”, literally translates to “The Three Hits,” the term means a breakfast dish which includes Mangú with Fried Cheese, Salami, and Fried eggs Avocado is often an accompaniment to this stable of any Dominican family home.