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Our spoken word collection honors that consistency is what matters. So what if you succeed, so what if you fail, but if you don’t have the courage to continue it all ends.

The Wise


If you have to choose, a word to the wise is to be on the “wise” side of history, don’t get played!

Tongue Battle


Who doesn’t love a little or A LOT of tongue action.



Swagger, fly gear, jewelry, guns, bitches, hoes, stunts, players, prostitutes, gamblers, dealers, extortionists, criminals, and masterminds can all be found at unbelievable prices at the Hustler’s Depot.  Let ‘em know where you shop to get it in playboy!  Collectible tee available exclusively on THSN

Trust a few


Trust a Few

Love All, Trust a Few and Do Wrong To None”- William Shakespeare

Live with an open heart and love without prejudice, do not naively trust everyone, trust those who show you that their intentions are pure towards you and be kind to all.

Ute si es chicle


Ute si e chicle- PEGAJOSO!! Usually the younger kid who wants to hang out with his older brother and friends or the girl or guy who doesn’t get the hint.



Here we go again… LOL! Johnny Cakes is a fluffy cornmeal flatbread. Caribbean folks add their twists on how they make them. Dominicans make it one way, Jamaicans do it another, Trinidadians as well even Native American Indians make them a whole different way. They all taste good and they all call it Johnny Cakes […]